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Scenario I - I am a High level manager

I have heard that others in the sector have successfully use formal methods. My staff has no prior experience on formal method. My question is now:

How should I proceed in the evidence repository to better understand if FM could 
also be used in my company

Scenario II - I am an Engineer in an SME

Our development team has successfully used advanced static analysis tools during the debugging and testing phased of product development. However, in a recent project, important requirements remained implicit until the customer validation phase. Subsequently, a significant overhaul of the architecture was needed to handle these requirements. Static analysis was clearly of no help. My question is now:

How should I proceed in the evidence repository to better understant how our development team 
could start using formal method earlier in the development lifecycle to increase the chances 
to have identified all important requirements after the design phase?"

Scenario III - I am a QA engineer

At a conference I saw a presentation from another company where QA and safety engineers in another fields have use tools to generate test cases for various coverage}. My question is now:

Does your repository contain information on test generation formalism, approaches and tools 
and their eventual applicability to my sector?"

Scenario IV - I am a product (line) manager

I have heard of several success stories on the use of formal methods} but in my company's case, we already have well-tested components that fulfill their quality requirements. Our project mostly consists in configuring these existing components and integrating them. My question is:

Does your evidence repository elaborate on the use of formal method to ease the integrating 
of components, even if these components were not developed using formal methods?
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