Success Story Template

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  • Name:* short meaningful identification to used as title of the story
  • Distribution level:* public, restricted, confidential (following EC definition)

The goal is that the material should eventually be public

  • Keywords:* list of keywords helping in the classification of the success story
  • Short description:* description in a few lines of what the story is about and what claims are supported.
  • Source:* deployment/associate partner(s) having contributed to the work of this story
  • Status:*
  • Planning: identified story candidates
  • On-going: partial story - current effort is still being developed and documented
  • Conclusive: An effort has reached its objectives (not necessarily all)
  • Consolidated: the story is consolidated by several other occurrences of similar effort (within or external to the Deploy project)
  • Inconclusive: the story candidate could not be confirmed in a satisfactory way.
  • Benefits:* positive impacts that can be inferred from the success story. (NOTE: Themes/questions from the FAQ propose the important points on which impact are sought hence one should review them when listing the benefit highlighted in an success story.
  • Limitations:* limitations identified (not definitive if on-going story), those are potential show stoppers and barriers to overcome.
  • Related success stories:* reference to other reports on similar types of stories (see above - Status : Consolidated)
  • Elaboration:* complete description of the work done to document the success story
  • Consolidation:* additional arguments reported in the scientific literature corroborating this success story including citations to scientific publications presenting these arguments.
  • Specific Contributions:* specific work contributed by DEPLOY partners to make the story a success
  • Further work:* specific work still to be done by DEPLOY partners to make the story a success
  • References:* list of publications or reports related to the success story.
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