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For each concern, it is quite understandable that various industry roles desire answers to different kind of questions. Consequently, a division between roles that are most likely to ask different question is proposed below with a short description on what is expected from a person filling a given role.

  • High-Level Managers (abbreviated HM). This level of management includes top level managers of a production department or research and development department. Product and product line managers who are only concerned with the commercial aspects of a product are included in this management category. The responsibilities associated with the role of High-Level Managers is related to strategic decisions making and analysis of financial impact.
  • Project and QA Managers (abbreviated PQAM). This group includes all managers who directly manage engineers, analysts, and QA practitioners. This group of managers may belong to production department or research and development department. The responsibility of this role is limited to determining the feasibility of a project and managing projects. These managers do not need to perform technical tasks but they often need to understand the technique, method and tools used by their teams to determine the feasibility and status of a project and decide if the resource allocation is appropriate to achieve a successful project.
  • Engineers and Analysts (abbreviated EA). This role category represents people who apply formal engineering methods during system development projects.
  • QA Practitioners (abbreviated QAP). This role category represents people who do not necessarily apply a formalism but who need to understand it because they will have to review and use documents containing the given formalism. QA practitioners are split from the role of Project and QA Manager because QA practitioners will ask different questions than Project and QA Managers. QA practitioners are in "do" actors versus the "supervise" activity of Project and QA Managers.
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