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In reverse chronological order


Before the end of Deploy (Feb 2012)

  • Final set of success stories for the whole DEPLOY project
  • An initial version of the FAQ
  • Actions for the life of the FAQ material beyond the DEPLOY project
    • Accepted procedure for nominating the Editorial Board of the FAQ material and its duty
    • Promotion of the FAQ at events related to Formal Methods
    • Contribution to FAQ answers from people outside DEPLOY

After the end of Deploy

  • Nomination of the first independent Editorial Board
  • Roadmap for remaining of 2012 and 2013 voted by Editorial Board
  • New material processed by Editorial Board and published to the public


  • Additional success stories on solutions to issues specific to Deployment partners
  • Success stories for Deploy Assocaited Industry partners
  • Initial publication of a public FAQ
  • Trimestrial update of the public FAQ
  • Actions for the life of the FAQ material beyond the DEPLOY project
    • Elaboration of a template to help people external to DEPLOY to contribute to FAQ answers
    • Transcription of FAQ answers by DEPLOY partners other than CETIC.


  • Additional Success stories for the third year of DEPLOY for the Deployment Partners
  • Initial publication of public success stories in a DEPLOY deliverable
  • Elaboration of the FAQ aspproach based on themes and role-based questions
  • Initial publication of a confidential FAQ


  • Confidential success stories for the first 2 years of DEPLOY for the Deployment Partners

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