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Evidence Publication Procedure

Everyone is encourage to submit new pieces of answers to the FAQ or a new success stories (although the primary focus of success stories has only targeted DEPLOY outcomes so far success stories from outside DEPLOY are welcomed). The new information will be reviewed by the editorial board that has final word on the information published in the wiki. This editorial board is composed of members from various organisations in academia and Industry with the interest of promoting the adoption of formal methods in Industry. It aims at remaining independent of any particular formal method to guarantee the integrity of the information found in the wiki.

How-To Contribute


  • registration
  • create a page
  • use the discussion page
  • how to attach it ??

Contributing a Success Story

  • To guarantee the publication of your success story, one should support it by citing previously published articles in peer-reviewed events or journals where the success story was already described.
  • It is however acceptable to propose a new Industry success story that has no other references in the scientific literature. In such case, the current Editorial Board will play the role of reviewers and may also suggest editions to improve the the propose success story.

Contributing to the FAQ

Comment FAQ Themes and Questions

A first level of contribution consists of providing a feedback on the degree of interest various roles in your organisation have on each theme and questions. This infromation is requested for statistics polling. It would be interesting to observe if some themes or questions are of cross-sector interest, if others are of interest to a particular sector or for particular type of application.

Comment a FAQ Answer

A second level of contribution consists of providing suggestion on how a particular FAQ answer could be improved. This may merely be a better way to present the current information or highlighing other related Industry use cases not mentioned by the current answer.

Contribute new FAQ Answers

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