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Editorial Board

This wiki originated from the DEPLOY project hence from its inception hence the editorial board is composed of DEPLOY partners exclusively until 2011. However, to guarantee the continuity of the formal method evidence wiki beyond the end of DEPLOY, an editorial board will be elected in 2012.

Responsibilities of the Editorial Board

  • Integrate results of significant industrial case studies into the wiki
  • Promote the formal method evidence wiki at formal method events
  • Review external contribution and harmize their information to integrate it as FAQ answer(s).

Original Editorial Board from the DEPLOY Project

Date: 2009-2012

  • CETIC : Organisation responsible for evidence collection in DEPLOY and main contributor to the wiki.
    • Christophe Ponsard
    • Jean-Christophe Deprez
    • Renaud De Landtsheer
  • Academic Evidence Panel of the Editorial Board
    • DEPLOY External Advisor: Martyn Thomas
    • Newcastle: John Fitzgerald
    • Southampton: Michael Butler
    • Düsseldorf: Michael Leuschel
    • Abo: Elena Troubitsyna
    • Romanian partners: Alin Stefanescu (Romanian training & contact point)
  • Industry Panel of the Editorial Board
    • Bosch: Rainer Gmehlich
    • Siemens: Jerome Falampin
    • SSF: Timo Latvala
    • SAP: Andreas Roth
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